Maybe You're Asking.. What Can You Do For Me?

Our focus is straightforward. To help you achieve ongoing financial stability. To educate and empower you and help you create healthy financial habits that become a lasting part of your life, at work and beyond.

Personal Loans

Benefi helps workers who are struggling with debt regain control of their finances. We provide low rate, affordable loans to pay off your high-interest debt. Plus, repayments come straight from your salary so you'll never miss a payment.

We can help you get out of debt quickly, responsibly, and save you money all while improving your credit score!


Managing finances is hard. It's not a topic people generally get a lot of exposure to. Managing money when you're falling short is even more difficult. Benefi helps you to start saving or expand your existing savings through every paycheck. You can change your contributions up or down at any time, and access your money whenever you need it. The result is more money when you need it and better control  of your financial outlook.


Financial wellness starts with knowledge. Like most topics, the more you know the better at it you become. Benefi allows you to weave financial support and understanding into your everyday work life.

Our platform also includes  a proprietary financial scoring survey. Completing this upfront task will give you a much clearer picture of your current financial health. From that we help move you forward and show you all the areas you can focus on to improve both your financial stability and financial readiness for the future.

Sign Up

The first step in your road to financial wellness is signing up on your Benefi employer's portal. If you're not sure where that is, simply send a message to your HR representative. They can send you the appropriate link to register and log on to the platform. Once you're logged on you will have access to all the same financial wellness services as the rest of the employees at your company.

Take Our Helping Hand

We get it - navigating the world of finance and staying out of debt can be hard.  Often, the problem is we simply don’t know where to start. Once your company is registered we create an ongoing stream of communications with you through email and social media. The goal is to ensure you understand everything Benefi has to offer. You can sign up for our email here and follow our social media channels via the icons below.

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