Employee Financial Support Shouldn't End At A Pay Stub

Financial wellness is the #1 factor that dictates overall employee wellness and in most businesses it's not being addressed. Properly managing income or obtaining credit is a huge source of stress for many of your current staff.


The Benefi Financial Wellness Platform is the 1st FREE employer program that empowers your entire workforce to become financially stable and aware.

The Benefi Financial Wellness Platform is the 1st FREE employer program that empowers your entire workforce to become financially stable and aware.

Small Changes Have A Large Impact

Workers are more in debt right now, and using more post-tax income, than nearly any time in history.

An employee's inability to obtain a small loan for an emergency could have a tsunami-like effect on their work life and their ability to be focused and productive.

An employer based financial wellness program ensures your business is taking a proactive approach to address these sorts of issues.

A single employee getting a well needed, short term loan through their benefits program may seem like a small task to fulfill, but it's impact on your entire employee base could end up being immeasurable.

Attract And Retain Talent

To modern day employees, work isn't all about a pay cheque. They're looking for employers that truly care about their holistic wellness. 

The relationship between quality of talent and business performance is dramatic. Studies also show that superior talent is up to eight times more productive.


Your business simply can't have a high quality employee base if turnover is high. Not to mention it is a huge cost and major inefficiency.


Benefi give your business a unique competitive edge by showing you understand employee needs and you're taking proactive steps to get them addressed.

Working From Home Is The New Norm

It's no secret that in the last few years we have had a profound upheaval in work life. There hasn’t been a major disruption in employment like this since the Great Depression.

Although working from home has its share of benefits, it is also showing that many employees are feeling disconnected from their teams with reduced overall support and lack of mentorship.

As an employer, you need to look at new and more interactive ways to support your employee base. Addressing their financial wellness in these times is more critical than ever and its impact on the employer- employee relationship will be game changing.

Financial Inclusion For Everyone

Over 45 million consumers have been denied access to credit simply because they do not have credit records that can be used by most financial institutions to evaluate their debt risk.  In fact, a large majority of this "credit invisible" group are not high or even medium risk for debt repayment.

Many from this group are likely your employees, especially if they are new to the country.

Benefi provides not only a new, more fair way to analyze this risk, it allows your business to actively participate in addressing this issue for your employee, helping them to get credit visibility and access to critical financial assistance and  education.

Nothing is more important to the success of your company than the people who actually run it, your employees. Healthier and happier employees can lead to reduced absenteeism and higher retention rates. The Benefi Financial Wellness Platform gives your employees and their families access to better financial assistance and knowledge so they can get back to a healthier, more productive state while at work.

With Benefi in place your business can now optimize the full potential of every single employee.

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