A Better Way To Learn

Financial literacy is the accumulation of knowledge around  income, credit and debt management that is necessary to make responsible financial choices that are integral to our everyday lives. In other words, understanding how  banking accounts work, what investing means for your future, what using a credit card really means and how to avoid bad debt.


Benefi provides financial learning for your employees. With Benefi your employees can learn to become financially literate and how to better manage their money. This could involve the basics like learning how to pay bills on time and how to borrow and save money more responsibly, all the way up the chain to how and why to invest and plan for retirement

The First Step Is Self Understanding

Having a clear, fundamental understanding of your personal credit and the level of personal responsibility your employees take towards their individual financial wellness is the first, most important step for most. Benefi has established its own proprietary credit scoring process to enable all your employees, even those without a previous credit rating history to get a clear understanding of where they sit on the financial wellness scale.

Few Employees Are Prepared As Financial Decision-Making Grows More Complex

Many of your employees do not understand the potential hit to long term financial well-being that poor literacy can create:

  • Current economic trends are showing that financial literacy among individuals is significantly declining

  • Financial literacy is increasingly important as people manage their own retirement accounts, trade and self manage personal assets online and carry more student, credit card and mortgage debt further into their lives.

  • A significant amount of disparity exists in the ability of different ethnic groups to successfully manage their money.

The Benefi Financial Wellness Platform is designed to tackle these issues head on and provide your employees with the education they need to become more financially stable and aware.