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Work Colleagues

Set A New Standard Of Wellness For Your Clients

Stand above your competition by adding more value to your wellness offering. Our proprietary financial wellness solution can easily be added to your current benefits offerings. It’s the perfect way to offer a more holistic and robust wellbeing based benefits solution.

Why Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is the #1 area of employee care most businesses neglect. Not to mention it’s also the #1 factor that dictates overall employee wellness. If left unchecked it’s also proven to foster mediocre employee performance and productivity, dramatically exacerbating poor business results. With Benefi in place as part of your solution offering, employees have direct access to better borrowing options, savings tools and financial education. Transforming a lack of employee care into a wealth of employee support. Allowing employees to perform better. Ensuring businesses perform better.


of employees say they need assistance when it comes to managing their personal finances.


of employees earning $90-$100K qualify as credit invisible and over 10% have no credit history at all.


as many employess are likely to be seriously distracted at work if fanancially stressed.


of total household debt is attributed to high interest credit card debt.

Our Solution Focus

A Better Way To Borrow

Benefi helps workers who are struggling with debt regain control of their finances by providing much more affordable loans rates, terms and payment options.

A Better Way To Learn

Financial wellness starts with knowledge. Benefi allows employees to weave financial support and understanding into their everyday work life. Benefi helps employees become more aware and more able to plan for a stable and successful financial future.

A Better Way To Save

With Benefi  employees can automatically direct a percentage of their pay cheque to a savings or investment product specifically designed to meet their most important financial goals and aspirations.

Co-working space

If your business is interested in having something new and differentiating to talk about with your clients you've come to the right place.


At Benefi we are 100% focused on the Financial Wellness of employees. This allows you expand your services into an area previously neglected by benefits providers.  It shows your customers you care about the complete wellness life cycle and have all the offerings to address it.

Working Together

As a Benefi Partner you can offer your clients a financial wellbeing solution that will complement their existing programs. Get started today to find out how Benefi can expand the relevance with your customers.

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