A Better Way To Borrow

Many employees are forced to take on high-interest credit card or payday loan debt when they need money. The more high-interest debt they take on, the longer that debt lasts and the more stress they carry into all aspects of their home and work life.


Benefi provides a better borrowing option for your employees. With Benefi your employees can avoid high-interest, predatory debt traps by having access to more responsible, affordable loans. The best part, Benefi is FREE  to employers.

Loan Details

7% - 14% Rates

The comparison to publicly available rates is staggering.  From 20% with standard credit cards up to 380% with payday loan providers.

6 - 36 Month Repayment

Our terms are flexible in both availability and length. Your employees can feel comfortable taking out short small loans as needs arise.

Up to $20,000

Qualified employees are able to take out affordable loans, scaling with income, with payments automatically deducted from payroll.

Good Credit Options Impact Many
Of Your Employees

Benefi is an inclusive platform, providing affordable loans to employees from all backgrounds. Many employees face financial discrimination that prevents them from having access to loans or being hampered with high-interest fees, especially:

  • Recent immigrants who have not yet established a credit history. Over 90% of workforce expansion in recent years has been attributed to this demographic.

  • Renters, who don’t have access to a HELOC  - Approximately 32% of the workforce population.

  • Millennial's and recent graduates - Approximately 37% of the current workforce.

  • Anyone carrying credit card debt  - 53-42% of the population carry a balance from month to month

Benefi can provide everyone with the money they need, when they need it regardless of their previous credit experience.